Friday, 1 August 2014

The New MAE Compact sound moderators

MAE are the New Zealand firm of suppressor manufacturers that have dominated the British market place for nearly 15 years now. Why? British shooters demand a well built, long lasting and above all “silent “silencer!

MAE are distributed by JMS Arms headed by Julian Savory and as Julian is a serious shooter himself he knows what the real hunter wants from a suppressor.

The new MAE 38mm Compact T series sound moderator is a combination of years of development to provide an “over barrel” design but with the shortest length and hence weight saving yet still deliver excellent noise reduction qualities.

The new 38mm Compact is just that, compact. The standard 38mm diameter is maintained for a slim line look and importantly every part is made of stainless steel. This makes the MAE one of the best longest lasting moderators available today. Overall length has been shaved to just over 200mm and adding just over 100mm to the length of your rifle. Which results in an overall weight of only 490grams.

The new Compacts are a Bushless system, this means the rear section that sleeves over the muzzle has no rear synthetic bush. This now allows accumulated heat of the barrel from shooting to escape and alignment is maintained from a strengthened and lengthened inner thread section.

The rear of the moderator has been designed to not reflect light from a lamp if used.

Noise reduction recommendations are for up to .308 Win calibre as a proportion of the hot expanding gases on firing are diverted rearward into the sleeved section whilst the remainder is directed down the forward section. This incorporates a substantial blast baffle and then a series of stainless steel baffles to further cool the hot powder combustion gases. This retardation of movement in and around the MAE Compacts efficient baffle design gives a very good noise reduction overall.

The new MAE Compact sound moderator is for those hunters who want good sound reduction in a small compact design whilst still maintaining a short overall length for a better handling rifle in the field.

Thread sizes available are ½x20unf, M14x1, M18x1 and 5/8x18

Price is £280.00 for the brushed stainless steel finish, please add £10 for the blacked finish. 


Tel JMS Arms 01444 400126 / 07771 962121
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