Friday, 22 May 2015

Introducing Havalon knives - Experience a new kind of sharp

JMS Arms is proud to announce that they have acquired a new brand for distribution in the UK - Havalon Knives.

We are please to be given the sole distributorship for UK ( Ireland, Scotland & Wales) of the Havalon knives brand. These knives will benefit hunters, fishermen and hobbyist and provide an easy way to swap replacement blades and allow for easy cleaning.While Havalon Knives is a relatively new brand to the UK retail market, the brand goes back to 1980, and it’s parent company Havels Inc in the US with many thousands of happy customers. This folding pocket scalpel  has been specially formulated for the hunting and outdoor market and is now available through JMS Arms as the UK distributor.

 Havalon’s surgically sharp knives are the fastest, sharpest and longest lasting replaceable cutting blades in the field. The surgically sharp blades lock onto lightweight handles with secure Quik-Change fitment, saving you valuable time and energy.

The knife comes with a supply of replacement blades with new additional replacements in 10,50 and 100 packs. The product is back by a lifetime warranty (excluding wear and tear).

The Havalon knife is an essential tool for DIY hunters as it truly offers something no other product currently offers: a lightweight and effective solution, all in one knife with a set of extra blades - no sharpening needed. And so,  you can eliminate all the extra weight in your pack.

The proprietary blend of high-quality from Havalon steel maximizes the edge life and durability of all of our blades. These blades are custom made for skinning, caping, quartering, field dressing and any other type of processing work for wild game.

The Havalon Knife has the following Havalon models available:

  • Piranta Knife Series with Piranta replaceable blades - perfect for skinning &  butchery
  • Baracuta Knife Series with Baracuta replaceable blades perfect for filleting meat or fish
  • Havalon Baracuta-Bone Saw

There are also various blades for taxidermists, hobbyists, crafters, hunters and fishermen

The Havalon brand is associated with:
  • Exceptional quality you can trust.
  • Great value for the price paid.
  • Exciting innovation that meets customer needs (no need to sharpen in the field).
  • Outstanding customer service and a product backed by lifetime warranty

JMS Arms is excited to align with these core values and a long-lasting partnership in providing you with the obvious choice when it comes to faster, safer and more efficient skinning and field dressing options.

To see the Havalon knife in action, check these testimonials

Also, we have listed some videos where you can see the products being demonstrated by hunters in the field.

Steve Rinella gutting a wild pig and skinning a hanging animal


fish filleting

Steve Rinella field dressing a deer - Havalon Torch seen in demo

How to change a Blade

JMS Arms is committed to giving our customers the best leading brands. 

For the first 20 UK orders, JMS Arms is offering free postage for Havalon.

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for Havalon Knife

(article by JMS Arms Customer)


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Special offer to JMS clients - 25% off Deer Stalking in the wild and beautiful scenery of Scotland

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If you are looking to experience deer stalking in the wild and beautiful scenery of Scotland, we are pleased to announce a special offer of 

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